"The taste of heaven-made with love"

At Sugar Marmalade every single creation is a taste of heaven. Passion and love is the reason behind our unforgettable taste. The taste of classic, sprinkled with the uniqueness of Sugar Marmalade. We prepare our food with class and that is what makes us one of a kind.

1. Establishment
Sugar Marmalade was established in 2010 to bring you a whole new experience. With only the best, first class ingredients, topped with our passion to create the most magnificent taste. The perfect harmony
2. Game Changer
We take the classical taste of Hong Kong, and give it a little twist ending. You can taste this unique deliciousness with every single bite you take. We have brought the taste of Honk Kong closer to you and turn it into something magical.
3. Products
Sugar Marmalade productions are made with only the best carefully chosen ingredients, along with our respect for tradition, we present our products the way you deserve.
4. Setting
We provide not only an incredible sensation to your taste buds but also an unique experience with a simple yet clean and comfortable environment to enjoy every moment with us here at Sugar Marmalade.